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Bodies In Motion

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  • Ten Modules covering:
    • Orientation to the Human Body
    • The Human Skeleton
    • Classification of Joints and Muscles
    • Spine and Thorax
    • Shoulder and Arm
    • Elbow, Forearm, Wrist and Hand
    • Pelvis and Hip
    • Thigh and Knee
    • Leg, Ankle and Foot 
  • Detailed lessons covering
    • Body language, directions, regions
    • Anatomical Movements and Muscle Actions
    • Bone Landmarks
    • Articulations and Ligaments
    • Muscle names, origins, insertions and actions 
  • Video lessons recorded explaining hundreds of topics, many illustrated and animated
  • Crossword puzzles for each lesson to practice reading comprehension.  
  • Online computer quizzes with thousands of practice questions to simulate the MBLEx experience.  
  • PLUS - join the online community of MBLEx Preparation students.